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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Personal Chef and a Private Chef?

A Private Chef is employed by one individual or family.  They are typically preparing meals for clients daily and sometimes live in the client's home.  A Personal Chef helps multiple clients, usually one client per day.  Personal Chefs are not employees of their clients; rather, they are typically small-business owners.  They create menus that are custom-designed for each client's personal preferences and dietary needs.  Personal Chefs prepare multiple meals in the safety of their client's homes and immediately package and store  these meals for later use.  The client is left with a fridge full of meals in labelled containers to be enjoyed at their leisure along with any instructions necessary to heat or finish the making of the meal.

What's this gonna cost?

Prices range based on the clients' food preferences, ages of children, etc.  Overall, the cost of having a personal chef will be similar to the cost of eating at a nice restaurant and tipping.  If you prefer halibut and filet mignon over cod and chicken thighs, you're going to pay more.  If you're willing to let me get creative with my menu, I am more than likely able to make this work while staying within your budget.


All that being said, the most common plan is a 5 x 4 plan, which includes 5 entrees, 4 servings each.  Entrees come with 1-2 complimentary sides (with the exception of some "one-dish" meals).  A 5 x 4 plan typically ranges in cost from $600 - $750, depending on individulal preferences and serving sizes.

Are you going to charge me extra if I want organic, grass-fed meat or organic produce?

No -- if I wouldn't feed something to my family, I wouldn't feed it to your family either.  I buy the best quality ingredients I can find, to an extent.  Not every single item I buy is organic.  Chicken and most meats will always be organic, eggs will always be organic and often pasture-raised.  I will never feed your family GMO corn or soy.  This page isn't the place for my soap box, but I will tell you that I'd rather spend more money on high-quality ingredients until scientists everywhere can agree that certain things are safe long-term.  You'd be shocked to know what scientists in other countries find to be dangerous and how many studies here get funded by major chemical companies (i.e. Monsanto) and used by government agencies (USDA, FDA, etc), which are now run by former executives of said chemical companies.  Regardless of whether this is something you've researched or even remotely care about, I will be buying the best ingredients I can find.  I am happy to go over what type of ingredients I will be buying in more detail during our initial consultation.

Not all of your sample menu items seem healthy, though.  You'll still feed me mac 'n' cheese if I ask for it, won't you?

Of course!  For one, I am a firm believer in a weekly "cheat day."  A cheat day can prevent you from plateauing, throwing in the towel altogether (the "why bother, since I've already messed up" mentality), and can help you remain focused the other 6 days/week knowing you have something delicious to look forward to.  More importantly, though, I think WHEN you eat something fat-, salt-, or sugar-laden, it should be WORTH IT!  For me, nothing is worse than giving in to a craving and then feeling disapointed when it isn't worth it.  Why eat mac 'n' cheese from a box when I  might be able to make you the best mac 'n' cheese you've ever had?

Where do you shop?

Depends on where you live, who has a good deal, what you're eating that week, etc.  In my area (Frisco/Little Elm), I frequent Market Street and Sprouts.  When venturing out or looking for something specific, I go to Whole Foods, Central Market, Trader Joe's, Hirsch's Meats, Local Yocal, Scardello, HMart, Sigel's, La Spiga Bakery - or anywhere you request!

My kitchen isn't exactly well-stocked.  What do I need to provide so you can do your job?

I bring almost everything I need!  All I ask is that your kitchen is clean, with working appliances, space in your refridgerator, and plenty of counter space.  During our initial consultation, I'll ask for a kitchen tour and ask that you let me know what appliances I may use (mixer, food processor, etc).

What about cleaning supplies?

I will bring everything necessary to get your kitchen looking as good or better than when I entered.  Unless you have something specific you want used, I will use my own cleaning supplies, including homemade countertop disinfecting spray.

What containers are you using?  I think I have a casserole pan somewhere...maybe...

You can choose between disposable containers ($20/week charge) or oven-safe glass containers with flat lids (one-time fee, yours to keep).  If you already have a plethora of oven-safe containers, I am happy to use what you already own and supplement with anything additional we may need.

What else do you do besides "make-ahead" cooking?

I can do in-home gourmet date nights, cooking classes, small dinner parties, menu plans with grocery lists, pantry and kitchen organization, etc.  Also, you don't have to stop at just dinners.  I can also prep your baby/toddler meals, make breakfast items, freezer meals, crock-pot ready meals, or almost anything else you might need in the way of food.

Some other question?

Shoot me an email or give me a call!  I am happy to help with any questions you might have! 

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