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We have been using Liz for about 2 months now and we couldn't be happier! She cooks 5 dinners for us every other week and the food is AMAZING!! We chose a veggie and lean meat based meal plan and we have not been disappointed even once. We are eating healthier and my kids are trying (and liking) foods I would have never thought to make for them.  She will customize a meal plan that fits your family's lifestyle! She uses mostly organic/natural products (which I love) and takes great care in meal planning for us.  Other than the food being so wonderful, the best part is that I don't have to do anything on those week's that she has cooked for us, which is great for a busy mom and business owner like me! I get to spend more time with my family and less time meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking! It can't get any better than that. I highly recommend Liz with Fridgefull Thinking!!

Leslie C.

Prosper, TX

I had to do a very tough food elimination diet directed by my Dr., due to food allergies.  I didn't have time to research or food prep as I was starting a new job.  Liz, with Fridgefull Thinking did the research AND prepared my food following the 21 day fix portion plan.  She does an amazing intake form to find out my likes and dislikes.  Liz cooked every bit of food I ate for 21 days, breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks.  Her breakfast is amazing, mine is with homemade turkey sausage, and yams.  Now that I have added back in a few foods I add an egg.  She just cooked for me again, and the food is AMAZING.  She made pork loin in a few flavors, gluten free chicken parmesan over spaghetti squash, meat sauce and zucchini curls, more breakfast hash, sea bass, protein truffles, fruit puree for my yogurt and more.  All I have to do is give her a clean kitchen to work with and leave my containers out for her.  I have lost 10 lbs. since she started cooking for me.

Natalie D.

Dallas, TX

We hired Chef Elizabeth to come and prepare meals at our home after hearing about her services from a friend.  We both work full-time, have two toddlers, and life is a bit crazy at times.

We did an initial consultation providing Elizabeth with our likes & dislikes.  But overall, we gave her free reign over the menu selection.  

She arrived on time & was friendly with our family.  She then prepared all of the meals at our home, sanitizing counter tops before she even started.  The food was fantastic & healthy.  She has an incredible knowledge of where food is sourced (including Non-GMO, Organic finds, etc).  Ever since our first meeting, I now just let her make whatever she wants.  Even my kids enjoy Quinoa now - who would have thought?    

She is very experienced preparing meals for the whole family.  My family loves her!!

Amy B.

Allen, TX

It is with a deep admiration that I am writing this review. I hate to admit this, but I do not write reviews. I know that can be selfish, but I hope everyone sees just how heartfelt this one is as it is so rare for me!

By way of background, I am a working mom with a great appreciation for food. I have been on every diet out there but always end up eating the junk. You name food, sweets....anything that is not good for me. I am truly addicted to food and not the good kind. 

I found Fridgefull Thinking and Chef Liz online. Wow, what a score!!!  

I have VERY high expectations of things, and she has absolutely surpassed them all. She is extremely knowledgeable about food, the characteristics of food and diets. She is aware of all the diet fads and can speak to them in depth. 

I enjoy the carbs and sweets most. She nailed it right away when she recommended keeping sugars to a lower level and even mentioned products that surprisingly have higher levels - like Greek yogurt. 

Ultimately, I was seeking a balanced diet with lower fat, calories and carbs alongside higher protein.  She took time to understand my tastes and provide meals that I would love. 

Chef Liz not only delivered on this but with absolutely flavorful taste. I was satisfied and felt like I was eating at a five star restaurant or spa. 

I asked for a specific set of meals, including sides. I also requested two snacks per day. 

She came to my house with all supplies and groceries. Chef Liz is extremely professional and tidy. She left me with a fridge full of labeled meals and exact directions on how best to heat them. 

In the end, here is the ultimate test...I cheated on day four. I had a meal off her menu, which included fried food, high fat and sweets. That is normally the way to a quick death for all of my diets. Once I taste that food, I can't go back. 

Not this time!!!!!  I even surprised myself and couldn't wait to get back to my meals. My family was shocked on this one too and sees a change in me. 

As you can see, I am one satisfied, healthier customer. My 9-year-old, who has even pickier taste than me, has enjoyed the meals too. I absolutely endorse Chef Liz and am thankful for her leading me on a healthier path that (shockingly) can taste good and be satisfying. 

Thank you, Liz. You are one of a kind and have a true talent.

Kristen W.

Frisco, TX

I'll start this post by saying something clearly. I'm 42 and I hate vegetables.  My wife is also not a fan. I honesty have never liked them. Tried them when I was a kid when I got older and each time I walk away saying that tasted like I ate grass and it sucks. 

Needless to say it has not helped my digestive system at all. Everyone knows you need greens and that helps all the interiors to work. Well I finally decided for the better sake of our family i reach out and have someone cook is healthy meals.  Now this was a stretch for me. We spend a lot of money on groceries (I cook) and then we were also spending on eating out so I wanted to flip the switch. Get it back to the house and thought about having someone cook for us because as much as I cook it wa becoming repetitious and if you remember statement number one. I don't cook vegetables. 

Insert Liz. She came in and we were very up front with her and anyone who uses her and wants to use her know this Be Up Front. I literally said I don't want to know. I'll just eat what you cook. And I'll be damned if I haven't been eating green beans (spicy), cauliflower rice (actually damn good) broccoli as well with flavor. I'm not saying every dish has been to my fancy, but I let her know what we liked and what we didn't like and it's been great. I know that as a family we are difficult and when you are you have to know that whoever is going to tackle this challenge is in for the good and the bad. 

Needless to say we still use her and have for three months. We will continue to use her services and always look forward to new dishes she concocts. She's super easy to work with. Leave her the kitchen and you'll walk into a home that smells of food and is cleaned to the requisite of my OCD wife. 

Also ask her about her pies. She told us she baked as well and we got her pecan, French silk, and caramel apple with toffee and all of them were fantastic. My wife wouldn't even let me or the kid have any of the pecan pie. 

We are very happy and very glad to have found Liz. If you are even thinking about it and have any reservations just sit down with her and you will see that the money is well worth what you will get and it will save you in eating out money as well. 

The Tennyson's

The Tennyson's

Plano, TX

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